Our Managing Director, John Lyon was recently asked to take part in the Chamber Chat feature with our local Chamber of Commerce. He chose to talk about the Eden Project plan for Morecambe. Credit to Morecambe Bid for this incredible photo of where it would be located.

Morecambe Bid

“We all like good news and this certainly feels like a good news story for North Lancashire.

Daily, I feel fortunate to live in this part of the UK, and I’ve continued to see it develop over the 30 years I’ve lived here. I hope you’d agree this potential investment can only help further economic, social and environmental regeneration. The Eden Project’s website confirms the impressive impact it has had on the local economy in Cornwall:

‘Eden in Cornwall has contributed £2 billion to the local economy and welcomed more than 20 million visitors since it opened in 2001.’

This would be a game changer for our region and I know many of us are supporting all stakeholders who are working to deliver this.

Any potential challenges, we need to view as opportunities. The different skill sets required gives us an opportunity to upskill and retrain local people. We have world class education providers on our doorstep and strong local colleges that can help us to support the training requirements. The Bay Gateway is also a massive first step in delivering the infrastructure to support the project. I am sure it had a major impact on the decision for Eden to come to Morecambe and we have seen the positive impact it is already having in the area.

In times of uncertainty, I’m sure we have all been guilty of stopping to “wait and see’ but often this is the worst response for the economy.

Let’s all be involved in looking at ways we can help ensure the Eden Project comes to Morecambe, we can’t expect somebody else to do it for us.”

Chamber Chats with John Lyon