Our Customer Service Manager, Jodie Mace, talks about how important the customer services department is to any company, and also details how ICS’s Customer Services department ensures great customer service. Jodie has almost 10 years’ experience in customer services and this career path has led her to a variety of customer service roles in retail, working abroad, and working for large corporate companies.

Customer Services is crucial to every company and is often at the heart of the company. Regardless of the service, all customers and potential customers should receive excellent service in order for your business to remain successful. All companies should have the 12 characteristics of excellent customer service:

12 characteristics

At ICS we aim to offer the best customer service possible with a team of 4 consisting of a Customer Service Manager, 2 Customer Service Executives and a Customer Services Apprentice. All staff have experience in customer service and strive to achieve the best service possible. We aim to get back to all clients within a quick timescale so queries are dealt with efficiently and professionally.

Although we have a dedicated customer service department, anyone who speaks with a client is responsible for customer service. By everyone offering the best service it gives your company a better name, will help reduce customers leaving and make your long term customers feel valued.”

Jodie is always focusing on processes and procedures to see how ICS can improve upon them. She is currently working on a customer care policy that will determine not only how ICS treats clients but also how staff treat each other.

“We are always thinking of new ways to improve the service and put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. Therefore, if any of our clients would like to offer feedback (both positive and constructive criticism), it will always be welcomed.”

Why our Customer Service Team Love Working in Customer Service

I enjoy working in the Customer Service department for the wide variety of the work involved – we need to know about every service ICS provides. It is a challenging job, but I love it. I also love my team members and being able to speak to and advise clients every day.
Anne-Marie Gavins, Customer Services Executive

I love working in Customer Service because I really like speaking to people and helping them out with their queries.
Adam Shaqil, Customer Services Apprentice

I enjoy the diversity of the Customer Services role – being able to interact all day with internal and external clients, building relationships, being able to make a difference to customers by delivering the service as smoothly as possible, and being clear and concise in the delivery of information given out to clients.
Elliot Wharton, Customer Services Executive

I enjoy working in Customer Services because you can make a difference. I love the challenge of dealing with a complaint to turning a client’s perspective around so they can see what a great service we’re offering and feel like they can come to us if they have any issues or doubts. I’ve made some great friends in colleagues but also built some excellent working relationships with clients which makes it all the worthwhile!
Jodie Mace, Customer Service Manager

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