World Smile Day has a very interesting history, and it’s all to do with the smiley face we see everywhere. Harvey Ball created the smiley face back in 1963, and the image went on to become the most recognisable symbol of good will and good cheer in the world. Ball was worried about the over-commercialisation of his symbol, and how its original meaning and intent had been lost in the constant repetition of the marketplace. Thus he created World Smile Day in 1999, with the idea being that everyone should dedicate one day a year to smiles and kind acts. The first Friday of October in each year is World Smile Day, and so World Smile Day 2015 is today.

“Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile”

Here at ICS we think World Smile Day is great, because apart from the fact that we love smiling ourselves, we love making our contractors smile. To make our contractors smile, we have to keep our contractors happy and ensure that we are delivering the best level of service possible. We have a lot of happy contractors, and they often express their happiness with ICS by giving us testimonials – check out some of our testimonials below:

Want to see more testimonials from our smiling contractors? Check out our Testimonials Page.

We don’t just receive testimonials about ICS, we also receive testimonials about individual members of our brilliant team, including Sara Glaister, who recently joined ICS as a Client Account Manager. She’s been in the role less than a month but has already had excellent testimonials from our contractors, including one Mechanical Engineer who said:

“Sara has been looking after my account for (at least) the last 2 weeks AND she has been doing a VERY GOOD job indeed.”

Our smiley new Client Account Manager, Sara Glaister

Our smiley new Client Account Manager, Sara Glaister

If you want to smile like our contractors do, then use ICS for your accountancy and administration. Contact us today by calling 0800 195 3750 or talk to us on the chat box.