As this week is Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (7-11 November), we decided to talk to one of our Business Partnership Managers, Amanda Green, who has seen a notable rise in the number of females taking up engineering roles and has also predicted a further increase in the future.

Amanda said: “More women are taking these opportunities in the industry and are using our services as contractor and freelancer accountants. My contacts in the industry have also noticed a significant increase in the number of female apprentices in roles that have previously been male dominated.”

Recent figures have suggested there are currently six times as many men as women in STEM roles in the UK. However, Amanda predicts the number of women in the industry is only set to increase further, due to groups such as Women in Engineering Society, together with campaigns and initiatives that are dedicated to creating awareness and pathways to STEM degrees and careers.

Amanda said: “We have a need for more engineers in the market and as more women become aware of their options, we will see an increase. With the focus on education, more female students will be able to see engineering as a career choice from secondary school level. More communication from women enjoying their careers in engineering would be hugely beneficial. Research does show that female engineers are generally very happy in their work and treated equally.

Amanda Green, ICS Business Partnership Manager

Amanda Green, ICS Business Partnership Manager

“It is really good to see technical companies actively looking to increase their intake of female STEM graduates via campaigns they are running in conjunction with schools. This will pave the way for more female engineering contractors and reduce a potential skills shortage issue. But not only that, these measures will also help to access pools of untapped talent and resources.”

Amanda also offered some advice to young women who might be interested in a career in engineering but may feel hesitant due to the gender imbalance and the industry’s stereotype of being male dominated.

She said: “As Gandhi said, ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world.’ Action needs to be taken to make change happen and action breeds confidence. If your desire is to become an engineer then focus on how to be the best engineer you can be and work on the factors that are within your control, rather than those that might be out of your control.”

At ICS, we understand that many workers in the engineering industry are contractors, who aim to spend as little time as possible on accountancy and paperwork. Since 2002 we have provided umbrella accountancy, contracted limited company accounting and payroll services to contractors, freelancers and small businesses across the UK.

To find out more about Tomorrow Engineers Week visit the official website or search the #TEWeek16 hashtag on Twitter.