iStock_000012536462XSmallIT contractors have been in great demand for quite a long time now, and there are plenty of good reasons for this. One of them is certainly the increased dependence upon IT systems that many businesses now exhibit, but another is the simple fact that a good many specialist IT skills are hard to come by. These skills are essential areas of expertise, but only a minority of professionals could claim to have mastered them. That means the door is well and truly open for contractors who do possess these skill-sets, or are willing to acquire them. So, just what are the must-have IT skills for 2015?

Coding Expertise

It’s being taught in our schools to make sure that there isn’t a dearth of ability in the future, so it’s no mystery that coding is still one of the most sought-after IT skills. Contractors should major in it.

Penetration Testing

Given the recent high-profile scandals over information security, it’s no surprise that IT security skills should be pretty desirable. Penetration testing basically involves subjecting IT systems to the same probing onslaughts that a real hacker would, only in a controlled environment, with the aim being to pre-empt possible issues. People with the skills to take on such important tasks are in great demand.

Mobile Know-How

More people now browse the web using mobile devices than byany other sort of access method. As such, optimising websites and the like for mobile usage – typically, making them responsive to smaller mobile screen sizes – is an essential skill, and it’s only likely to increase in appeal.


Dealing with Big Data

“Big data” does largely what it says on the tin; it’s an extremely large data set that can be analysed to reveal patterns and trends. Professionals with the skills to carry out such analysis are in high demand, and they also frequently command generous rates too. Openings for big data specialists increased by more than 50% over the course of 2014, so it’s definitely something to look into.

Cloud Computing

Another modern-day trend that’s growing with great alacrity, cloud computing is now a mainstay, and professionals who have the ability to implement such systems – and also keep them safe and secure when under the threat of cyber attack – are likely to find plenty of work opportunities.

Project Management

Nowadays, IT project managers are expected to possess business acumen as well as an impressive understanding of digital technology. Experienced professionals who can bring such a combination of skills to the table are relatively rare, but they’re certainly being looked for with greater regularity.

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