When you’re a contractor, you know there’s always a demand for your services, but finding it can be difficult; getting your work and your name out there can be tricky.

Social media is becoming a powerful tool to make great connections and to find people with the right skills for the right job. LinkedIn is especially important in this process; the website helps you build a digital CV that also works as a business card.

Having LinkedIn isn’t a magic door to jobs, however. To be contacted with offers you need to be pro-active in your LinkedIn use, and make the most out of the platform in order to find prospective clients and make important connections.


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Choose the Right Photo

Being recognisable is important if you want to be contacted with offers. Even though LinkedIn is a social media website, it is still very much a professional avenue and your photo needs to reflect that. Having a professional looking photo with a white background can help you.

Avoid using photos from other social media websites like Facebook; those photos are usually casual in tone and they could give a bad impression. If needed, take a photo at home against a white wall while wearing professional clothes. Leaving it blank isn’t a good idea either, as it might put off potential clients and make it harder for them to trust you.


Business Woman With Photo CV 

Have a Good Headline

The text that appears below your name is an important tool to let people know who you are and what you do. Be concise and specific, as it’s the text people will see when your profile shows up on LinkedIn.

Your summary profile needs to be engaging but not unprofessional. Think of it as the interview question ‘Tell me more about yourself” and answer accordingly. Keep concise and show off your skills in a factual and honest account of your expertise.


Build Up Your Recommendations

Having recommendations and testimonials on your LinkedIn profile will give you credibility. Working with fellow contractors and building your industry network will show that you are a credible presence in the profession. Your colleagues’ endorsements help you stand out.

Your clients’ recommendations are also very valuable. When you do a great job, clients will be likely to happily write you recommendations for your LinkedIn profile, which will show prospective clients that you are professional, trustworthy, and a good worker.

Being active on LinkedIn on a regular basis makes you reliable and interested; stay on top of news, share links, and update your profile regularly. Write recommendations for fellow contractors and they will happily return the favour. LinkedIn’s success is also based on the community you build and your interaction with it.


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