In our ever progressing modern world, one in which technology grows faster and more fruitfully than ever before, we’re now able to access tools that can simultaneously improve our productivity and make our lives much simpler and easier.

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There are an incredible amount of these tools that are available for either a small fee, or that are given to us completely free – especially ones that are meant to help freelancers.

Whilst providing our contractor limited company service, we’ve encountered a mass of different tools – some good, some not so good – but out of all of them, we’ve found that Microsoft OneNote is one of the most essential tools for a freelancer to have.

For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft OneNote is a computer tool that encourages collaboration between people. Of course, this is targeted at anyone – so university students, for instance, can share their work and/or projects with their friends, or a mum can help with the homework even if she’s away from home.

However, Microsoft OneNote is particularly good for all of you in the business of working for yourself. This is because, although it might sound strange, one of the most important parts of working for yourself is actually working with others.

Good communication and understanding one another is the key to success in the freelancing world – you want clients to think you’re the best, and keeping them in the loop with your work, any new ideas you have, or even just to pitch some new suggestions, is a great way to boost their confidence in you. Microsoft OneNote can do that for you, all in one.

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So how does it work? Well, OneNote works in a similar fashion to Google Docs in that you can access and view documents made by users, putting in comments and feedback as you scroll through. However, where OneNote works differently is that the documents you put on there can be shared with absolutely anyone who has an email address.

Multiple people can edit these ‘notes’ simultaneously and you can include screenshots and other images to share with your collaborators. All of this means that your reputation as an invaluable B2B resource not only remains intact, but will also grow because of how efficiently you’re handling your work.

Of course, OneNote also works to help you with every aspect of your workload, not just the work itself. You can plan to-do lists, make notes about any potential clients, and capture your thoughts all in one programme.

Simply put, Microsoft OneNote makes your life that much easier, relieving a lot of the pressure that comes with the heavy workload of a freelancer.

That’s why it’s an essential tool for anyone who works for themselves.

However, one thing it can’t do is help you manage your finances – well, not to the standard of a contractor accountant anyway! Here at ICS, we pride ourselves on our outstanding service, and our expertise has come from over ten years of experience working with freelancers. For more information about the services we provide, you can contact us on 0800 195 3750, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. One of our friendly team members will be happy to speak to you today.