A six month snapshot survey by Russan GMS has shown that whilst there is still a gender gap within interim management, more women are winning contracts.

17,000 interim managers were surveyed and just 13% of the respondents were women, however, 30% of those women are more likely to win a contract than a man. Almost half of those women (47%) are also currently on assignment, compared with 36% of men, re-emphasising the findings that they are winning more assignments and perhaps outperforming men in interviews.

The survey also highlighted that both men and women in interim manager are receiving, on average, a similar daily rate. In the permanent market there is a massive 19% difference in pay.


Is the gender gap starting to balance?

Is the gender gap starting to balance? Image: http://nawborichmond.org

Speaking to Recruitment International, Jason Atkinson, managing director, Russam GMS said;

“Women in interim management are excelling and are winning the most work. There are major opportunities for senior level women in the market and we want to encourage and support more women to consider interim as a career.

Organisations are increasingly seeing interims as a reliable and strategic resource to drive change and transformation. Interims are helping such organisations become leaner and more efficient – enabling them to hire really good people with specialist skills on a project by project basis.

Overall, the market is recovering well and demand for interims picking up in many areas – particularly in financial services. This buoyancy offers great opportunities for talented and experienced interims and especially women, to come into the market and carve a successful career.”

We’re increasingly seeing women promoting themselves in male dominated industries and also many companies getting on board – just last week we saw the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer go viral. Isis Winger posted an image with the hashtag which has since seen many other women shutting down stereotypes and showing how widespread and diverse the population of engineers really can be.


#ILookLikeAnEngineer Image: http://mashable.com


Working for a firm of contractor accountants we have seen our once male dominated client base begin to balance out with our female clients working in many different roles across varying industries. This includes an Engineering and Technical Consultant, Construction Interface Engineer and Mechanic Co-ordinator in the Automobile industry.

Do you think the gender gap in male dominated industries such as interim management and engineering closing or is there still a long way to go? We’re going to discuss this in our Linked In group. Come over and get involved.