The pandemic created an unprecedented take-up in the number of people working from home, and while some degree of office working has returned, up to 25% of the UK workforce now participate in some degree of home working. With the increased cost of living expenses for both individuals and employers, the old commuting and 9-5 routines have been permanently disrupted for many.

In a fast-changing world, we’ve pulled together an ICS Accounting ‘top tips’ to see if home works for you.

Top 10 working from home tips for employers and employees

1. Agree on a clear structure and objectives. From hours to reporting and contact, don’t assume or “just nod”. Two-way clarification and agreement pave a successful path forward.
2. Create “office space at home”. Somewhere safe and equipped to do your job.
3. Scheduling. From hybrid working to flexible hours, agree and communicate before committing.
4. Agree on applicable expenses. Speak to your accountant to see what may be allowable
5. Professionalism: Being appropriately dressed translates into confidence and readiness for any surprise video calls!
6. Maintain contact: Being out of the office should not mean being isolated.
7. Take regular breaks: Set a timer, stretch, move around for mental and physical well-being. And at the end of the working day…stop!
8. Don’t leave HR in the office: Circumstances can change and HR are there to help.
9. Remote teams are still teams: Maintaining those informal “water cooler catch-ups” should never be underestimated.
10. Ongoing communication and review: To prevent misunderstandings and de-escalate any potential issues.

Will working from home work for me / my business

The flexibility of WFH and hybrid working can be tailored to generate many benefits all round. And remember, there can be significant financial advantages, too. Coming out of the pandemic, WFH tax relief rules have changed for 2022-23 onwards. However, the good news is that eligible claims from as far back as 2020 can still be submitted up to April 2025. With ICS Accounting on your side, you can be sure these and other WFH benefits will be safe in your pocket or invested back in your business.

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