Marketing is a vital constant for any business, helping them to find and develop their brand identity and plan successful strategies. Whether you want to work as a contractor or start your own business, you will have a rewarding career as a marketing consultant.

So far, our on-going series has looked at becoming a Freelance Web Developer, and in this continuation we’ll provide insight into marketing consultancy as a career possibility.


Career Overview

As a Marketing Consultant, you will find the opportunity to focus your skills in different ways: you can be a specialist, a strategist, or a project manager. You will work with a wide variety of companies and industries, with the ability to offer an outside perspective on the business. Setting up an effective plan of action, with the aid of resources and tools from the industry, will allow you to create an expert work portfolio to attract clients.



Experience and Skills Required

A background in marketing, either through work experience or a university degree, is essential to give your clients the guarantee of an exceptional and professional service. Online marketing courses are a great option, as they can provide you with the necessary, important skills demanded by the industry while also allowing you to be more flexible with your time. Other key requirements for a marketing consultant include:

  • Technical skills
  • Knowledge of social media platforms to develop online presences and campaigns
  • Reputation management skills
  • Proficiency with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Creativity

Networking for Success

Social media sites such as LinkedIn have become a vital tool in finding demand for freelancing services. Attracting clients is directly linked to building your reputation within the industry:

  • Through LinkedIn, ask for previous employers or colleagues to endorse your skills and recommend your work.
  • Add your business information with your email signature.
  • Be present on social media platforms through a personal business page.
  • Attend small business and marketing networking events.
  • Be proactive – respond to emails, blog posts, follow other small businesses.

As marketing is continuously changing industry, you can easily apply your passion for marketing as an independent marking consultant. Develop a plan regarding your goals and realistic achievements to aim for – for instance, rapid expansion might not be beneficial. Starting part-time and building up a client repertoire will allow you to work towards becoming a full-time small business owner or freelancer.

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