Coworking outside of the City

This summer we’re creating a series of blogs that look at ways to manage quiet periods, why we shouldn’t be living like an entrepreneur and looking into why 40% of small businesses don’t use social media. 

This blog will feature coworking spaces across the UK – ideal if you’re holidaying in the UK with the family this year or longing to move out of the city. 

Let’s face it, when you work for yourself, it can be difficult to switch off completely and in fact planning a ‘work day’ whilst on holiday is likely to be more productive than checking emails and doing bits of work in between family time, and you just never know who you might meet and where that could lead. 

We know the number of coworking spaces is on the rise, [between October 2017 and October 2018, the number of flexible office centres in the UK tracked by Instant rose to 5,320!] but we often think these are located in major city centres such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, however, our research has found coworking spaces in picturesque places such as Hebden Bridge in the Upper Calder Valley and Cirencester in the Cotswolds. 


For this post we’ve grouped the spaces we’ve found by popular counties that you may be holidaying in or dreaming of moving to. It’s not an expansive list and if you know of one we’ve missed or one you’d like to tell us about, just send an email to and we’ll get it added. 

We began our search on [where else?] but Google and then came across the fantastic CoWorker website and Indycube, a cooperative aiming to change the way we all do business.  Just starting this search opened our eyes to the sheer number of spaces across the UK and you’ll appreciate this is just a small sample. 


Society1 Preston Free Day Pass 

£20 per day

Halton Mill Halton, Lancaster £10 for 10 hours
The Consult Centre Morecambe £20 per day [12 hours]


Windermere Works Windermere £50 for 2 full days or 4 half days [8am to 8pm]
Herdwork Kirkby Lonsdale £40
Windermere £40
The Vicky Cockermouth £3.50 per hour
The Guild Carlisle £24 per day
The Workspace Penrith £2.50 per hour


The Egg Factory Hebden Bridge £16.50 per day
Woodend Creative Scarborough
Tribe York York £10 per day
The Qworkery Skipton £15 per day


Mor Workspace Newquay £20 per day
Lily’s of Truro Truro
Our Distrikt Truro £10 per day


Propeller, Exmouth Exmouth £15 per day
The Rabbit Hole Exeter Free Day Pass

£10 per day 


Industry Chester Chester £14 per day


The Huddle Cirencester £10 per day


Co.Lab Alloa £15 per day
Scottish Coworking Networking Various From £35 per month

We’ve recently signed up to the Pearson Insight newsletter written by market researcher, Adam Pearson. For someone once sceptical about coworking spaces his opinion has changed since spending time at The Qworkery in Skipton. We’ve shared a snippet below but you can read in full here.


As someone who was a reluctant co-worker, I thought I’d share some of my experiences so far. 

  • I am so much more productive – whether it’s the guilt of being around people, wanting to get value from the desk I pay for or just the change of scene, I seem to be getting a lot more done.
  • I’ve met new people – people, real-life, actual people who talk and are really nice to be around.
  • The number of times I swear at my screen has reduced dramatically – this is definitely because I’m around other people.

More coworking spaces found on Coworker. 

Weighbridge House Coworking Poole
Ashburton Work Hub Ashburton
The Old School House Bournemouth
The Welsh Mill Hub Frome
The Guild Bath
Spotdesk Stonehouse

If you’re interested in reading more about coworking spaces in rural and beach locations then click these links…

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