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Please find below all of our PDF guides. If there are any further questions would like to ask please call us 0800 195 3750, or email info@icsuk.com.

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AWR Guide

Agency CIS Guide

Onshore Intermediary Guide

Criminal Finances Act 2017

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Led by the ethos of Trust, Care and Compliance, we ensure that we stay up-to-date with all legislation ensuring our agency partners are also remaining compliant. To find out more about a specific legislation please click on the relevant section . You can also stay up to date by visiting the Recruiter Support section on our blog.

In April 2016, the Finance Bill changed the way temporary workers could claim tax relief on travel and subsistence expenses. Complete the short form below and we’ll send you a guide detailing what it means for you and your candidates.


Whilst you wait for the guide to arrive in your inbox, you may also find this blog post helpful – Click Here

Onshore Intermediary LegislationClick Here

Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)  – Click Here

Pension Auto EnrolmentClick Here

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